NEWS: 24th Match 2014

Heya, nearly things are starting to settle down finally. But I got a heads up on irregular updates from the 7th April till 28th. Also there is some downtime to try and clean out the server of invading ads so be prepared of having a no chatbox window as a possibilty. You guys could always Facebook/twitter or email me, I'm a very downtoearth type of weirdo :) x

Otenba files the comic will be ending in the next year or so, though it may be sad for some people, I am most surprised that I kept this going as long as I did. Was once something I did for fun in my sparetime when I had it the most years ago, is something I don't have a lot of time nowadays which is a shame. Running a webcomic updating three days a week is hard work, so I cannot fathom people who can do it more unless it was their job. I cannot put in the amount of commitment into a webcomic that I would want and I want to just simply go do illustration eventually and perhaps do a small comic on the side for publish release only. I want to focus on my own personal life very soon meaning I will not have the time to meet a webcomic deadline three days a week. I will be getting my own house next year and then focusing on buying a new car as well so those things will take up a lot of my time. Don't worry, this comic will be online for a long while. Just letting you guys what's on my mind so don't worry :)

~KTom x

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